Hair Care Guide

Our Virgin hair is the most luxurious hair extension on the market. Each bundle can vary slightly in texture and wave pattern since it comes from different donors. NO two bundles are exactly the same.


Caring for Virgin Hair is no different from caring for your natural hair. Our Virgin Hair is the closest you will find to your natural hair.

This hair can last for a very long time depending on how you maintain it. Treat it like your own hair and take good care of it and it will last longer. Depending on maintenance, hair will last 6 months to a year.


Use good quality shampoo and conditioning products. Conditioning your hair is very important to keep it soft and manageable. We recommend using a deep conditioner on your virgin hair once per week, but avoid using oil or heavy styling products.

We advise that you comb your hair every morning. Gently brush your hair from the ends towards your scalp. Starting from the ends keeps the pressure off the weft area and is a good way to maintain the longevity of the extensions.

You must NEVER sleep on wet hair. Sleeping on wet hair is known to matte hair that makes it very difficult to keep the hair the way you want. Just make sure your hair is completely dry before you go to sleep and you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Rolling your hair in rods at night will maintain your curls and limit the amount of heat you have to use on your hair daily.



Styling Tools: It's very important to use a wide tooth or paddle back brush using gentle strokes, when washing and or styling the hair. Small tooth and retail combs can snag the hair which can cause unwanted shedding.


Before Going to Bed: Gently brush hair to remove all tangles. Braid your hair into a couple of big braids, wrap your hair, or tie your hair into a ponytail or bun. Sleeping in a satin scarf is also beneficial.

 Washing Your Hair: Keeping your hair extension clean is very important to making them last longer.


Before washing your hair extensions: Brush your hair and remove all tangles and knots. Next, distribute shampoo evenly throughout the hair. Wash the hair with a good detangling shampoo (We recommend Gabel’s Lemon Fluff shampoo), in warm water. Use a paddle back brush or wide tooth comb to shampoo and detangle hair gently. Always wash and brush hair going in a downward motion.


Rinse all the shampoo is out of the hair.  Distribute a deep conditioner evenly throughout the hair (We recommend Motions Moisture Plus Conditioner) and place the hair in a plastic shower cap or gallon sized Ziplock bag with a small amount of COLD water. Let  the hair soak for 2-3 hours ( leave over night for best result. DO NOT LET THE HAIR DRY OUT!


After the hair is done soaking, rinse the hair completely. Apply a good leave -in conditioning product, this always helps to keep your hair super soft and moist. Spread the hair out on a towel let it air dry.


Wavy & Curly Hair: If you have wavy or curly textured hair extensions and plan to wear the hair wavy or curly you need to apply a curl defining/curl control cream while the hair is wet. This way it will stop the hair from frizzing and lock in the wave or curl in the hair. 


 You can basically do anything with it; curl, color, brush, comb, and flat iron it to any style just like your natural hair. If you are not familiar with coloring hair please take you extensions to a professional colorist!!!

Most Importantly Have Fun In Your Extensions, Because You Deserve It!